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Rogue Legacy Routine
This old program has been re-activated by the Hacker. But it's actions are being directed by it's outdated and bugged code. As a result it is incompatible with the rest of the Network Systems. The Object is trying to obey it's directives as best it can, but in it's frustration - it has started to lash out at anything it does not recognize.
Class:Energy Level:4
Attack:2 - 6 Defense:4 - 6
Armor:5 - 7 Damage:4 - 6
HP:12 - 14 Damage Type:
XP:11 - 17 Credits:1 - 1
Multi-Layered Armor:1% - 2%
5% - 9%
Item Drops
Multi Core
Spawning Information
System Edge:2%
Analytical Layer:51%
Info Throughput Hub:47%

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