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Obsolete Security Droid
Tiny machines called Nanites have infested Sigma's atmosphere. When Nanites of a particular concentration find a broken machine, they fix it. This can cause old robots to be reactivated. Unfortunately these robots are generally following old code which often cause these 'resurrected' machines to behave oddly.
Class:Robotic Level:6
Attack:9 - 10 Defense:7 - 9
Armor:9 - 10 Damage:8 - 10
HP:14 - 16 Damage Type:
XP:16 - 22 Credits:2 - 2
Multi-Layered Armor:1% - 3%
6% - 9%
Item Drops
Security Droid Husk
Spawning Information
Cloning Facility (West Wing):91%
Cloning Facility (East Wing):9%

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