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Cyborg Raider
The Cyborg Raider is a merciless hunter in service of Sharona Rai Leader of the Chrome Hand. The Raider systematically destroys all resistance before striping their prey of it's useful items. In the mind of the Cyborg Raider, those with the strongest weapons are the most powerful. The Raider therefore acquires these items with pitiless hunger.
Class:Cybernetic Level:8
Attack:12 - 14 Defense:8 - 10
Armor:13 - 20 Damage:12 - 15
HP:16 - 22 Damage Type:
XP:21 - 27 Credits:3 - 3
[no enhancements]
2% - 5%
1% - 3%
Item Drops
Cyborg Raider Noggin
Spawning Information
Cloning Facility (Loading Bay):100%

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