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Hook Toad
The Hook Toad is a wonderful example of nature finding a way for creatures to survive even in the most desolate of places. When there is poor hunting, the Hook Toad will bury itself in the sand to avoid the scorching radiation and the merciless sun. When the Toad does detect food, it digs itself out of it's burrow and attacks anything it can find. It's tongue wraps around the intended victim and the barbed hook and rips the protective armour off the prey. The Toad then consumes the mortally wounded animal. It is an agonising death.
Class:Mutant Level:16
Attack:30 - 45 Defense:28 - 30
Armor:18 - 30 Damage:14 - 19
HP:62 - 70 Damage Type:
XP:41 - 47 Credits:9 - 9
Multi-Layered Armor:4% - 6%
4% - 6%
1% - 2%
Item Drops
3 Cord Whip
Ethjar Combat Helm
Flintlock Rifle
Hook Toad Head
Shaltar Leg Armor
Zalrin Inferno Gun Mk1
Zolk Flack Jacket
Spawning Information
Phantom Lake (Shore):90%
Phantom Lake (Outer):10%

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