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Colonel K Stryker
Colonel K. Stryker is renowned for his ability to survive almost impossible situations. His risky out of the box thinking is frowned upon by Central Command, but they can not deny the countless numbers of men and women he has saved. You may temporarily hamper his attempts to end your life, but he will always come back with a new strategy and will be more ruthless than before. The only constant you can count on every fight is his desire to incinerate you.
Class:Humanoid Level:189
Attack:205 - 233 Defense:435 - 463
Armor:544 - 574 Damage:167 - 197
HP:518 - 538 Damage Type:
XP:474 - 480 Credits:139 - 139
Piercing Strike:1% - 2%
Multi-Layered Armor:2% - 3%
Critical Hit:2% - 3%
1% - 2%
1% - 2%
4% - 5%
1% - 1%
Item Drops
Mullgan Body Armor
Shonla Helmet Add On
Strykers Treasures
Vetrin Leg Armor
Spawning Information
TIU Spearhead (L4 Corridors):100%

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