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Acid Ash Gribbly (Champion)
No one knows quite where the Gribblies come from but what is known is that they turn up every few seasons and are normal creatures that are severely mutated from radiation sickness. They appear to be in a great deal of pain as their bodies twist and mutate in unnatural ways. Acid Ash Gribblys appear to be another mutation of the Ash Gribbly, or at least an extreme form of it. Dangerous acid constantly dribbles out the beasts mouth and from pores on its body threatening to burn anything that comes too close.
Class:Irradiated Level:106
Attack:337 - 365 Defense:242 - 270
Armor:165 - 187 Damage:283 - 309
HP:441 - 463 Damage Type:
XP:432 - 436 Credits:147 - 153
Piercing Strike:2% - 3%
Critical Hit:2% - 3%
1% - 2%
3% - 4%
1% - 2%
Item Drops
Gribbly Rad Whip
Spawning Information
Ashstorm Wilds (Haunt):100%

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