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Zakesh Grunt (Legendary)
Grunts are initiates of the specialized Zakesh Assault Trooper caste within the Golgesh Dominion. The Zakesh perform Lightning planetary strikes, specifically targeting areas with potential Biomass that could be of use. They appear without warning, attacking anyone between them and their Biomass target. The initial strike is the most dangerous and the Grunts are at the forefront. This allows them to prove their mettle or die trying for the glory of the Dominion.
Class:Reptile Level:12
Attack:12 - 36 Defense:9 - 37
Armor:6 - 36 Damage:2 - 26
HP:29 - 55 Damage Type:
XP:32 - 36 Credits:6 - 12
Multi-Layered Armor:4% - 6%
3% - 4%
3% - 4%
Item Drops
Golgesh Venom Capsule
Zakesh Chitin Knife
Zakesh Thorn Spitter
Spawning Information
[no spawn data]

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