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Zakesh Trooper (Legendary)
Troopers are initiates who have survived the harsh training of the Zakesh. The Zakesh perform Lightning planetary strikes, specifically targeting areas with potential Biomass that could be of use. They appear without warning, attacking anyone between them and their Biomass target. After initial strike is complete and the Grunts have established a beachhead, the Troopers gather en-mass and move out, towards their target, eradicating any who stand in their path.
Class:Reptile Level:50
Attack:112 - 138 Defense:58 - 86
Armor:42 - 68 Damage:76 - 98
HP:175 - 203 Damage Type:
XP:122 - 136 Credits:35 - 41
Piercing Strike:5% - 6%
1% - 2%
1% - 2%
3% - 4%
Item Drops
Golgesh Venom Capsule
Zakesh Venom Blower
Zakesh Whipfist
Spawning Information
[no spawn data]

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