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Bio Harvester
The Bio Harvester is a strange android. It does not inflict lethal damage on it's victims. It merely takes a pint of blood. Some say it uses this to power itself, others say it return to the submerged Facility after it has taken it blood. Nobody knows for sure why this robot of the ancients acts like this, only that it does.
Class:Robotic Level:10
Attack:15 - 25 Defense:5 - 7
Armor:18 - 24 Damage:14 - 16
HP:21 - 25 Damage Type:
XP:26 - 32 Credits:5 - 5
Multi-Layered Armor:1% - 2%
5% - 8%
Item Drops
Farra Helmet
Harvesters Body
Harvesters Storage Reservoir
Jerrod Armor
Lomkath Greaves
Varril Small Bore Pistol
Spawning Information
Desert Path (Straights):95%
Desert Path (Narrows):5%

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