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Kalamanu Lizard
The Kalamanu Lizard is a native to the deeper caves where few ever venture, however from time to time they do wander into the caves controlled by the Raga. These large carnivorous lizards have no eyes, evolved from the lack of any light in their native caves. They apparently hunt by smell, taste and sound however some think the lizards have psychic abilities and can this power to 'see' in the darkness.
Class:Reptile Level:69
Attack:165 - 175 Defense:160 - 175
Armor:157 - 169 Damage:86 - 87
HP:150 - 155 Damage Type:
XP:174 - 180 Credits:49 - 49
Piercing Strike:5% - 6%
1% - 2%
1% - 1%
4% - 5%
Item Drops
Harsull Body Armor
Heavy Mace
Kalamanu Body
Sonwen Helmet
Spawning Information
Raga Hills (Maze):90%
Raga Hills (Depths):10%

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