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Fist Fighter
Stage 1
Location:VR Training Zone (6, 16)
Before you is a low platform, a ghostly figure hovers over it, 'I am the Combat Instructor. Are you ready to learn how to fight?'
The Combat Instructor tilts her head slightly, 'Direct, I like it. Just one thing to mention before we get into it.

One of the most important Attributes a Character has, is it's 'Energy'. It takes 1 Energy to take a step, and 1 Energy to make an attack. This comes into effect once you reach Level 5. It is free until then.

The Energy your Character has, is shown by the 'Energy Pulse' counter in between the Sigmastorm name plate and the Tip Box at the top right of the screen. You can mouse-over the pulsing light to get the pop-up that details all aspects of your Characters Energy.

For a quick summery, the counter just below the Energy Pulse shows how much Energy is currently available to you. At the start you get 500 Energy.

Please talk to my counterpart just East of here.'

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