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Powered Down
Stage 1
Location:Analytical Layer (14, 12)
A small robot spins in tiny circles.
The small robot stops and stares at you for a moment, 'The Network is in a shambles! That old program has been running around messing the place up. It's even started tearing cables out of the walls! But it's gone too far now, it's drained the Uninterruptable Power Supply to the Logic Gates. They are shut because the batteries are re-charging.

The Uninterruptable Power Supply will need a kick start before the Logic Gates will be able to open again. I can't do it because I have no combat capabilities, but I have a feeling that you can get the components needed to build a Charge Uploader. Take this blue print and come back when you've completed the Charge Uploader.'

You receive a Charge Uploader Blueprint.

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