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Bit Builder
Stage 1
Location:System Edge (11, 13)
A thin man stands flapping his arms in frustration.
The thin man freezes on the spot, 'Oh � you're here already! But..but we're not ready for you yet!' You look blankly back at him, at your obvious confusion the thin man seems to draw some comfort. 'The system has been under attack from a Hacker, so I take it the other systems have been failing as well. This is true if you do not know why you are here. What you see around you is not real.

You are at the moment a Software Construct in a Simulation. You must be up-loaded into your body through a Transfer Pod. The Transfer Pod will transmit all your experience into your new body, and advanced Nano Technology will materialize all objects that your Construct is currently wearing. This is good if you don't want to enter the world naked.

Unfortunately the program that is responsible for collating the Construct for Up-loading has been attacked by the Hacker.

If you would kill 20 Bit Collators, the Network will spawn new ones to replace the loss. We can then get you into your new body and ready for delivery to the customer.'

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