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Facility Assault
Stage 1
Location:Transfer Pod (2, 9)
As you crawl out of the Transfer Pod, your limbs feel heavy however you soon acclimatise to the new sensations. All around you are walls full of other pods that have incomplete Clone Units being grown. You walk gingerly out of the small room and find a thin robot giving you a nervous glances.
Your voice croaks as you try to greet the robot. As you try again, pain lances through your voice box. The Gate Keeper at first looks at you dumbly, then waves his arms around animatedly and rushes up to you.

'A successful Unit! Amazing! I thought the Assault would be the end of this Unit line for sure, the Orientation Simulation has not been working properly so I assumed all Virtual Constructs would be destroyed. I am the Gate Keeper. I am am responsible for guiding the new units to the delivery point for the customer to pick up. But the Facility has been attacked by a Hacker. The fool has been hatching unfinished Units.

Please find the Hacker and see what you can do to stop him.'

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