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Resource Stripping
Stage 1
Location:Cloning Facility (East Wing) (8, 15)
The sound of running feet echo down the long corridors of the East Wing. In a small room you find a sorry sight, a Deactivated Security Droid.
You step closer to the Droid, it's arms hang limply by it's side. You jump when it suddenly speaks. 'I see that you are a successful Clone Unit. It's a surprise that the Unit Line can still produce a Clone while under attack. The Hacker has been dealt with, but as a result the East Wing is now being stripped of it's valuable items.

I was dealing with the intrusion when the security system was shut down. I've been forced into a re-charge cycle so I cannot move. I need you to gain access to the Security Console, however the Looters are guarding it.

The leader of the Looters is wearing a Red Jacket, he is very fast even for me to grab. You will need a weapon with a large splash damage to terminate the threat. I took an Acetylene Bomb Blueprint from one of the Resource Thieves before I was shut down.

Take it and return when you have placed an Acetylene Bomb by the Looter Leader.'

You receive 1 x Acetylene Bomb Blueprint.

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