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Delivery Note
Stage 1
Location:Cloning Facility (Loading Bay) (2, 13)
The Gate Keeper waves to you, for some reason it's good to see a familiar face.
Pride openly beams from the Keeper's face, 'You are an exceptional Unit, most people think that a Cloning Facility is a factory where clones are made. What they don't realize is that each Clone is an individual. Some are more successful than others, it's the wonder of life at work I suppose.

Other Cloning Facilities seek to maximize production by perfecting on one particular DNA string. We feel this produces a Unit which lacks a certain adaptability. Our Facility G27 produces less clones but with a higher quality of Unit with our chaotic approach to production. Though others may measure quality in different ways we have never received any complaints about our product from our customers. Recently we have not received any word from our Customer concerning the Units we have sent. But that is not the immediate problem we are facing.

Can you please repel the threat that is attacking the Facility? Please kill 15 Cyborg Raiders.'

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