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Tribal Assault
Stage 1
Location:Taulin City (6, 2)
Taulin City is a hubbub of activity with different peoples going about on their daily business. As you wander through the throng you are stopped by a City Guard in battered amour.
The Guard shakes you roughly by the hand, 'It's good to see a new G27 Unit. They have not been showing up recently for some reason, dunno why. But no matter, Taulin City has been under attack by the Chrome Hand. We've tried to reason with them but they simply will not listen.

To be honest they have worn down our defenses quite a bit. We are weakened more than we would admit. The problem is the Phantom Stalkers see this if our city population does not. Our scouts tell us that they seem to be preparing to attack. The City Guard really don't need this new threat to the City.

Can you please travel to the Phantom Lake (Outer) and kill 30 Mutant Spear Hunters, this will stop the attack.

You have to travel through the Phantom Lake (Shore) to get to the Outer edge of Phantom Lake. Be careful, the Shore is very dangerous as it's a PvP area.

Return to me when you have killed the Mutant Spear Hunters.'

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