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Stage 1
Location:Taulin Outskirts (Dunes) (5, 2)
A resolute Cyborg stands against the corrosive winds.
The Cyborg scans you quickly, 'It is good that you did not attack me, others have not been so lucky. Your actions speak that you think before you act, this will go well for you in the future. There is a device called the Dune Scanner (Elite) in this Area. The Scanner is a menace, it now attacks all those that it detects. It has become a monster, when it was once a valiant Warrior. This is the way of all Machines that have lived past their time.

I guess from your demeanor you are used to completing dangerous tasks. Go destroy a Dune Scanner (Elite) This will make the area much safer, though you will need to gather your Faction brothers to best this potent enemy.'

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